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Wines by the Glass

Vintages, availability, and prices subject to change.


    Cava Brut Rosé, Campo Viejo, Spain    9
    Rosé, Browne, Washington   11


    Sauvignon Blanc, Geisen, New Zealand   13
    Riesling, Ravenna, Washington   12
    Pinot Grigio, Ca Del Sarto, Italy   10
    Chardonnay, Tarrica, California   11
    Chardonnay, WALT, Sonoma Coast    13
    Moscato, EOS, California   12
    Brut, Piper Sonoma, California   14
    Prosecco, Le Pianure, Veneto, Italy   11


    Cabernet Sauvignon, Soda Rock, California   13
    Cabernet Sauvignon, Raymond, California   10
    Pinot Noir, Unsorted, CA   12
    Pinot Noir, Belle Glos "Dairyman", California    18
    Red Blend, Stel + Mar , California   12
    Red Blend, Métier, Washington   14
    Malbec,  Cahors, France     11



Wisconsin Draught Beer

    Pabst Blue Ribbon American Lager 6
    Hamm's    American Lager    6
    Miller Lite American Lager 6
    Eagle Park Ekto Kooler Hard Seltzer 7
    Badger Club Amber Lager 7
    Central Waters Mudpuppy Porter Porter 7
    New Glarus Spotted Cow Cream Ale 7
    Lakefront Brewery Riverwest Stein Amber Lager 7
    MKE Brewing Co. Greendale Pale Ale IPA 7
    Hinterland Luna Coffee Stout Nitro Stout 7
    Third Space Unite The Clans Scottish Ale 7
    Eagle Park Set List IPA 7

Imported Bottled Beer

    Corona   7
    Franziskaner   7
    Stella Artois   7
    Wyders Pear Cider   7
    Stella Cidre   7

Domestic Bottled Beer

    Bud Light   6
    Coors Light   6
    Miller High Life   6
    Miller Lite   6
    Clausthaler (NA)   6