Wine List

Vintages and availability are subject to change.

Wines by the Glass


    Brut, Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs   16
    Moscato d’ Asti, Folonari   10
    Prosecco, Scarpetta   12
    Wolfberger Sparkling Rosé   14


    Pinot Grigio. Santa Margherita   16
    Sauvignon Blanc, Infamous Goose   13
    Riesling, Fritz Zimmer   10
    Chardonnay, Hess, “Shirtail Ranch”   14
    Chardonay, Charles Woodson, Intercept   15


    Pinot Noir Rosé, Rock Point   12


    Red Zinfandel, Rubus   15
    Pinot Noir, Kate Arnold      15
    Pinot Noir, Belle Glos Las Alturas   20
    Malbec, “Hey Malbec”   14
    Merlot, Duckhorn   22
    Charles Woodson, Intercept   15
    Cabernet Sauvignon, Ramsay   16

Signature COcktails

Cedarburg Road Sour

Basil Hayden Dark Rye, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice, Sugar Cubes, Egg White 14



    Guinness   8
    Downeast Pineapple Craft Cider   6

Bottled Beer

    Bud Light   5
    High Life   5
    Heineken   6
    Modello   6
    Michelob Ultra   6
    Coors Light   5
    Clausthaulter (NA)   7


Draught Beer

    Miller Lite, Miller Brewing Company, Pilsner     5/8 
    Spotted Cow, New Glarus Brewing, Farmhouse Ale     7/10
    Allagash White, Allagash Brewing, Belgian Wheat     8/11
    Franziskaner, Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu, Weissbier     8/11
    Black Bavarian, Sprecher Brewing, Schwarzbier        8/11
    Rocky’s Revenge, Tyranena Brewing, Brown Ale     8/11
    Riverwest Stein, Lakefront Brewing, Amber     8/11
    Daisy Cutter, Half Acre Brewing, IPA     8/11
    Kozmic Kolsch, Hinterland Brewing     8/11 
    Nitro Milk Stout, Left Hand, Milk Stout     9/12
    Schrodinger Paradox, Amorphic Brewing, Milwaukee, WI     8/11