Join Ristorante Bartolotta dal 1993 on Thursday, November 2 for an intimate dinner with great food, wine, and stories. During this one-night unique dining experience, Chef Paul Bartolotta will pay tribute to the late Chef John Marangelli, former chef and owner of Marangelli's in Milwaukee.

Chef John Marangelli was Chef Paul Bartolotta's first maestro when he was 16 years old -- before Chef Paul Bartolotta learned to cook from renowned chefs in Italy, Paris, New York, and Chicago. He studied with Chef Marangelli for months, learning the skills and practices required to become a great chef. Chef Marangelli's mentorship had a significant impact on Chef Paul Bartolotta and helped develop him into the chef he is today.

Enjoy 5 courses paired with 5 delectable Italian wines while Chef Paul Bartolotta recounts stories and memories throughout the evening. Each wine is masterfully paired with dishes curated by Chef Paul Bartolotta and Executive Chef Juan Urbieta, many of which were inspired by dishes served at Marangelli's. 


--Menu Coming Soon--

Five courses, five pairings
$150 per person
plus service charge and tax

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