At Your Service: Joseph Kane

September 18, 2019

Assistant General Manager / Certified Sommelier at Bacchus - A Bartolotta Restuarant, Joseph Kane recently sat down and answered some questions about his past experience, tips for those interested in wine, and his favorite wine region.

How long have you been with The Bartolotta Restaurants and what did you do before you joined our team?

I am a newcomer to The Bartolotta Restaurants -- I was hired in October 2018. Previously I was the Store Manager at Waterford Wine and Spirits in Delafield, WI and former restaurants include Ward's House of Prime Delafield, The Chef's Table, Carnevor, and Umami Moto. While at Ward's and Carnevor, I was also an X-Ray Technologist at St. Joseph's Hospital.

What advice would you have for someone who is interested in learning about wine?

Don't let an alcoholic beverage intimidate you, just drink it! If you would want to make more of a serious jump in learning, I would recommend buying the Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil and Wine Folly by Madeline Puckette as your first two books. Also, taste as much as you can, and ask questions! Lastly, see if a local sommelier can do a private tasting.

What is your favorite bottle of wine right now?

I seldom drink the same bottle within months of one another, because there are so many wines out there to try. I will say your dedication to a particular wine isn't a marriage and doesn't have to be a committed relationship. Try as many different options as you can, and love the one you're with. You can always go back to your favor ite, mine forever being Champagne.

If you could travel to any wine region, where would you go?

I believe the mecca is located in the Burgundy region of France.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

It's wine all the time for me. Days off are generally spent traveling to tastings in Chicago, tasting with sommelier friends here locally, or studying wine in preparation for another exam. It's an obsession. Any free time after that is spent with my adoring and super understanding fianceé, Jaime, and our dog, Uma. I do love listening to music, exploring the outdoors, going to Brewers games, and relaxing whenever I can to decompress.


See Joseph in action at Bacchus - A Bartolotta Restaurant by making a reservation today. Also, see some of his favorite wine selections in the "Sommelier's Picks" section of the wine list at Bacchus.

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