Jenny Wilke

Director of People & Culture • The Bartolotta Restaurants

Jennifer Wilke is Director of People and Culture at The Bartolotta Restaurants, the premier restaurant and catering group in the Greater Milwaukee region. A veteran human resources professional and certified member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Ms. Wilke is responsible for the designing and deploying strategies for acquisition, retention, and advancement of The Bartolotta Restaurants employees at all levels of the organization. As the company’s first Director of People and Culture, she oversees hiring protocols, the orientation process, and the ongoing development of team members in order to maximize output and efficiency so that they are able to deliver positive results and grow within the company. 

Prior to joining The Bartolotta Restaurants, Ms. Wilke served as Director of Human Resources for Cheyenne Mountain Resort and The Country Club of Colorado in Colorado Springs; a role in which she oversaw all aspects of human resources, including the recruitment and onboarding of company leadership, development and implementation of training and advancements protocols, and the management of all review processes and diversified recruitment techniques.

Ms. Wilke has also served as Assistant Director of Human Resources for Grand Geneva Resort and Spa and Timber Ridge Lodge and Water Park in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin; and she has held human resources management roles with Interstate Hotels and Resorts and Columba Sussex Corporation.

Ms. Wilke attended Waukesha Area Technical College and has served on the board of the Pikes Peak Regional Culinary and Hospitality Business and Education Alliance in Colorado Springs.