Ways We Give Back

March 05, 2019

Care-a-lotta, the charitable arm of The Bartolotta Restaurants, focuses on a mission to support local nonprofit organizations and create platforms for awareness to help make Milwaukee a strong, vital community in which to live and work.


Every year we donate an all-expense paid gala (“Gala-lotta”) to a nonprofit, with all money brought in from the event going directly to the organization. This year we are excited to raise money and awareness for our 2019 recipient, Running Rebels, whose gala will be held on the evening of Thursday, September 26. While the gala is a huge part of our giving, during the year our board members are busy at work on other Care-alotta initiatives. Here are a few of the other ways we give back:

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

Every month Bartolottas donates $100 in Care-a-lotta Certificates to 40 not-for-profit organizations hosting events. Our Community Care-a-lotta program is great for organizations looking to raise money through auctions or fundraisers. This program selects recipients through a lottery system and organizations are encouraged to apply through our online form at: www.bartolottas.com/about/care-a-lotta/ community-certificate-application

Keeping it in the Community

The Care-a-lotta board is comprised of Bartolotta employees who donate their time to guide and execute Care-a-lotta initiatives throughout the year. Additionally, each restaurant and catering facility has a Community Outreach Ambassador. The goal of the ambassador is to choose different activities that directly improve the neighborhood they are in or to find charities for which their colleagues might have a specific interest. Examples have included park clean-up at Lake Park Bistro, the “Fight for Air Climb” at Downtown Kitchen and many others.

Donations for Doing Good

Is your company a 501(c)3 or 501(c)4? If so, and you are looking to host an event for 75 or more guests, book at any of our venues and we will provide a donation equal to 10 or 15 percent of food and beverage costs. Save money and enjoy a wonderful Bartolotta hosted event, its a win-win!