Chef Collaboration: 1st Surf & Turf

December 26, 2017

How did you come up with the idea for this event?
Zach: It was an idea I had years ago, a pipe dream of sorts. It was always floating around. When I finally came to Mr. B's, our General Manager Amanda said "I have this idea," and we started working on it right away. 
Andrew: Wish I could take credit, but this was all Zach's idea. 

What are you using as inspiration for the menu?
Zach: My inspiration is the time I spent between Harbor House and Mr. B's. It is kind of a summation of my past 6 years in the company. I'm looking forward to exposing Brookfield to some fun and exciting new dishes.
Andrew: Inspiration came from thinking about classic combinations and then turning them up a bit. 

How do you think your cooking styles will work together?
Zach: I'm looking forward to working with Andrew again. When we worked together at Bacchus I remember the impact he had on my early career. We always had a good time, while getting the job done.
Andrew: To be honest, the thing I'm looking forward to most is spending some time in the kitchen with Zach! Some of my fondest kitchen memories involve our time spent together. Yeah!

Do you think you will do another one in the future?
Zach: If all goes well, I'd love this to be an annual or bi-annual event. Maybe even looping Mr. B's Mequon into the fun.
Andrew: I'm fairly certain this will turn into a bi-annual event, showcasing each of our stunning venues!

Tickets can be purchased at Surf & Turf Tickets