Bartolotta and MPS

August 01, 2016


The winner of the 2016 gala is Milwaukee Public Schools’ new two-year culinary workforce development program called ProStart® which will serve 300 students in the first year and 500 in year two and beyond. The program curriculum was created by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and is designed to help high school students get a head start in the hospitality industry. To date, local Milwaukee hospitality companies including Aurora, The Bartolotta Restaurants, SURG Group, Hospitality Democracy, Wolf Peach/Supper, Dan Jacobs, Goodwill, Marcus Hotels and Resorts, and MATC all pledged their support of ProStart® in four pilot MPS high schools. 

On September 28, more than 500 Milwaukee community leaders will gather at Discovery World (500 N Harbor Drive) to raise awareness and funds for the MPS ProStart® Culinary Arts Program and you can be there, too! Just visit

For additional information, please contact Tony Tagliavia, Student Recruitment and Retention Specialist for the Milwaukee Public Schools at 414-475-8675.