August 05, 2019

The holidays are a very busy time of year. Between juggling busy work events, family gatherings, traveling for celebrations, and shopping for gifts, it may also become your responsibility to plan the company party. Fortunately, Bartolotta’s offers plenty of options for those in the midst of planning - ranging from cocktail receptions to sit-down dinners. Here are a few tips to make sure the planning is as fun as the party!

Afternoon Cocktail Receptions 

An afternoon cocktail reception from 2:00-4:00 PM is a perfect way to say “thank you” to a hardworking team without monopolizing the evening hours. The bonus of leaving the office early while still getting home in time to have dinner with the family will have employees feeling grateful and appreciated. Most of our restaurants are transitioning between lunch and dinner service at this time, which means lower costs for private rooms!

Department Lunches

A great way to celebrate the holidays with your staff and co-workers is an intimate departmental holiday lunch. This gathering can be as formal or informal as needed. Plus, lunch prices tend to be less expensive than dinner prices so you can splurge on more items or an upgraded bottle of wine. Many companies send their employees home after lunch, which is a nice perk for all.

Interactive Table Decorations

Offer your guests a dual-purpose centerpiece - from a seafood tower at Harbor House or a Lazy Susan at Joey Gerard’s, everyone will be talking about what is being served. Many people haven’t tried oysters so the tower is a fun new way to experiment, and the Lazy Susan offers such variety that everyone will be wondering what they are digging into. Go beyond a traditional (and often expensive) flower arrangement and opt for these beautiful and delicious centerpieces instead.

Host your Holiday Party in
 the New Year

November and December are stressful times for everyone. It seems that every night is filled with a holiday celebration or event. Why not put the party off until the New Year? Not only will most restaurants and venues have slightly lower prices, but everyone will be more relaxed from their time off over the holidays and ready to ring in a new and productive work year.

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