Menu Updates at Ristorante Bartolotta after the Refresh in Spring 2018

September 07, 2018

It was the philosopher Heraclitus who said “The only thing that is constant is change,” and while the menu at Ristorante Bartolotta dal 1993 has become beloved for its classic Italian mainstays, Executive Chef Juan Urbieta is excited to add a few menu items to change things up after his kitchen’s recent renovation. Guests will still find their old favorites but will now see some new menu options. Read on as we explore some of these new dishes, their origins and preparations.

One of the new appetizers on our menu is Gamberi e Ceci (shrimp and chickpeas). Chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, are a staple of the Mediterranean diet, growing easily in the warmer climates of Southern Italy and known for their earthy, nutty flavor. Sauteed shrimp come with a rosemarychickpea sauce, a dish traditional from the Tuscan coast.

Another addition to our menu is Orata al Forno, oven-baked Mediterranean gilthead sea bream. Sea bream is a very versatile fish often found around Mediterranean countries from France to Greece. The fish is delicate and flaky with a sweet flavor served whole and boneless with fresh, seasonal vegetables and lemon.

The Costolette d’Agnello a Scottadito is an Italian favorite. “Scottadito” literally translates to “burned fingers” because the lamb is often eaten straight from the pan or grill while it is still hot. Lamb has deep roots in Italian culture but especially in the region of Abruzzo where this dish is often prepared. These lamb chops are seared in an incredibly hot pan with garlic and thyme, then served with fingerling potatoes and summer squash.

Peaches are widely grown in northern Italy and are in season now. The Pesche al Forno (baked peaches) are stuffed with chocolate and amaretti, a staple dessert from the region of Piedmont.

We are excited to share these flavors and dishes and look forward to welcoming you soon!