Event Planning 101

May 21, 2019

Are you in a new role at your organization and tasked with planning meetings and don't know where to start? Or are you a seasoned industry veteran?  Perhaps you might be somewhere in between. Now is a good time for a refresh on the event planning process and some advice from the talented team of Catering Managers from Bartolotta Catering & Events.

What are the first steps to take when considering a venue for our organization's event?
The first things to consider are the size of the event (the number of people), the budget and the date. We can very simply rule out some of our locations based on budget or date, or if your event is too small or too big. One of the great things about Bartolotta Catering & Events is that we have so many options. While you might have your eyes set on the Italian Community Center, for example, you might end up learning that the space is unavailable or too large for a 20 person intimate banquet with a specific menu but be introduced to a space such as The Room at The Rumpus Room - A Bartolotta Gastropub that fits your needs perfectly. Fortunately, we have a team of Business Development Specialists who can lead you in the right direction based on these three factors. Reach out to get the process started now.

I have a very specific vision of the event I am planning, will your Catering Managers be able to execute this without going over budget?
Our Catering Managers and their teams execute hundreds of events a year. As long as the budget is clear from the beginning, they can ensure that costs stay within the limits stipulated while still helping you and your team create a spectacular event.

How do I know who to connect with once I know I am planning an upcoming event?
Our team of business development managers can help guide you in the right direction and once a venue is chosen, we can connect you with your catering manager who will be the primary point person throughout the planning process of your event. Let's get the process started now.

What equipment and decor is provided for events?
It really depends on the venue. Our restaurants already have chairs and tables in-house, but some of our catering facilities have to rent these things depending on the size of the event. Our Catering Managers will be sure those costs are communicated during the planning process. Other things to consider in the budget are AV and technical needs. We can recommend vendors that we have experience with and trust if there is something outside of our expertise. Items such as flowers, linens or party favors will often be outsourced as well and we can make recommendations.

The Festa Ballroom at The Italian Community Center

What if your restaurants or catering facilities get another offer on the day of my event, am I out of luck?
Our events are contracted and once you have decided on a date and signed the dotted line, you are guaranteed the space even if another offer comes in.

Can I be confident that our company's private details will not be shared outside of our event and event planning process?
We take the privacy of our clients extremely seriously and understand the corporate landscape as a result of our many years in this business. You can be sure that anything that happens in the planning of and during your event will remain confidential if desired. 


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