Wedding Planning Tips from the Pros at Bartolotta Catering & Events

January 09, 2019

We live and breathe events and in 2018 alone helped plan over 100 weddings. With years of experience paired with the understanding that each couple’s vision is unique, our team works to ensure that every last detail is right. Our catering managers share some of their advice, tips, and trends for 2019/20 planning:


accommodate any Culinary Needs

“In 2018, I coordinated five weddings that incorporated Indian traditions and details. While each wedding is unique, our couples with Indian traditions often have needs such as arranging barats (groom’s arrival) and at Discovery World we are able to coordinate for the grooms to arrive traditionally via horse, or more uniquely via boat. Bartolotta Catering & Events at Discovery World has relationships with local Indian caterers who can accommodate some of the unique culinary needs of these weddings.”

Madeline Cope, Catering Manager at Discovery World



“My #1 pro tip for wedding planning - and making sure you get the best photos - is to assign someone to be in charge. You need someone who can stand back and look with a critical eye. This individual can make sure the bride takes her necessary pauses during her walk for pictures, the wedding party walks at a normal pace with each of the couples take their first steps down the aisle with the same foot.

Patric Trusty, Catering Sales Manager at The Italian Community Center



“Couples should look for inclusions or built-in features when they are selecting their venue. Bartolotta Catering & Events shines in the city because of our full-service, day-of coordination. When I started at Discovery World I was so impressed by our level of involvement in the coordination of each detail! We help our couples so much more than a lot of other venues (based on my experience). You not only get award-winning Bartolotta cuisine but you get the support and knowledge of industry experts.”

Jamie Brouws, Catering Manager at Discovery World



“One of the trends I have seen that I love is lawn games - giant Jenga, bags, badminton, the list goes on and on and it’s great fun. Another trend that I really like is serving courses family-style. What better way to start a meal than Charcuterie for each table to share before the first course is served?!”

Dan Wustrack, Catering Manager at Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro



“Customizing things like appetizers or late-night food to reflect the bride and groom’s interests is one of my favorite trends. Last year we had a bride and groom who customized an Asian food station to reflect the groom’s time in South Korea. I love those personal touches and at The Grain Exchange it is these types of details at which we excel.”

Katie Kaczmarek, Catering Manager at The Grain Exchange


Keep in mind your "Must Haves"

“When looking for a venue make sure to consider your “must-have list.” For example, if food is important to you, make sure that the kitchen is on site to allow for the most high-quality food. Ask yourself if the venue fits your personalities too, city dwellers might prefer something downtown rather than a barn location.”

Rachel Wiesner, General Manager at Downtown Kitchen


Interested in learning more?

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