MILWAUKEE, WI – In a move that reflects its three-decades-long commitment to the Milwaukee community, The Bartolotta Restaurants has decided to vacate its longtime headquarters at 520 W. McKinley Avenue early, in order to accommodate the construction schedule of the new Milwaukee Public Museum building. While the company has never owned its current office building, and had a below market lease in a highly visible location that continued through 2027, the decision to vacate follows more than 12 years as a fixture of the Haymarket neighborhood. The Bartolotta Restaurants’ new headquarters is 234 W. Florida Street in Milwaukee’s historic and vibrant Walker’s Point neighborhood.

“We recognize the importance of the new museum in Milwaukee, and we view our support as a civic duty that reinforces our commitment to the community,” says The Bartolotta Restaurants Co-Founder and Owner Chef Paul Bartolotta. “The decision we have made allows us to pay it forward, as the Milwaukee Public Museum expansion will serve as a statewide cultural, historical, and educational treasure, a symbol of our region’s greatness, and a beacon for friends, family, and neighbors to share for generations to come.”

The Bartolotta Restaurants office at the W. McKinley Avenue building was situated on a portion of the 2.4-acre development at the corner of Sixth and Vliet Streets that includes three parcels of land previously owned by Martin Drive Real Estate LLC, First Partners LLC, and Haymarket Properties LLC, all of which were sold to Milwaukee Public Museum in 2021.

In recognition of the company’s 30-years of community support and its willingness to vacate the W. McKinley Avenue location early, the new Milwaukee Public Museum will graciously recognize the Bartolotta family in the new museum.

The company’s primary phone number, (414)-258-7885, and email,, will remain the same. More information about The Bartolotta Restaurants can be found at