Rock & Roll Dinner Series: A Tribute to Prince

Part performance artist, part musical genius, Prince was a multi-instrumentalist with a famously flamboyant stage presence, who wove R&B, funk, rock, new wave, soul, and psychedelia together to form sounds and styles that the world had never heard before.

Join host Kyle Cherek of Wisconsin Foodie, and guest presenter Jordan Lee of 88.9 RadioMKE as they explore the music and artistry of Prince, from his earliest days in Minneapolis to his evolution into a legendary one-name wonder.  Four delicious courses plus a unique cocktail will be expertly paired with unforgettable music and stories. Don't miss this one of a kind event!


A twist on a classic with red and yellow beets, beef and vegetables

“SpaghettI and Marinara with a glass of OJ”

One of Prince’s favorite meals. Served with meatballs

Vegetarian Indian Korma

Creamy coconut curry with vegetables and cashews
served with jasmine rice and naan bread

Purple Chocolate Mousse with a “Raspberry Beret”

White chocolate mousse with raspberries

Four courses
$60 per person, plus service charge and tax

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