Celebrate the arrival of the prized Alba White Truffles

The rare “white diamonds” of the culinary world are here!

Ristorante Bartolotta dal 1993 has been a staple for white truffles in Milwaukee for well over a decade, a tradition that continues this year. Our white truffles, sourced by world-renowned Urbani Tartufi, are flown in directly from Piemonte, Italy and on to our tables within a day or two of their harvest to guarantee freshness at their fullest expression. With the arrival of the crisp winter air, their inebriating aroma develops almost magically deep in the foggy hills of the Piemonte countryside, the same aroma that has seduced kings and nobility from time immemorial. What begins with the secretive truffle hunt in the forests of Alba culminates at your table in a glorious and tantalizing experience that arouses the senses. Ask your server about adding a shaving of Alba white truffles to your meal

We are proud to feature this unique ingredient in our Piemonte regional menu!

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