Executive Chef Amanda Strandt | Sous Chef Luis Carbajal
Sous Chef Lauren D'Amico

serving lunch Monday - Friday
December 9 - 20 from 11:30 AM - 2 PM

Call for reservations at 262-790-9162


Soups and Salads

for salads
add Grilled Chicken Breast 7  |  add 6oz NY Strip Steak 15   |  add Salmon 12

Seafood / Traditionals


served with fries or side house salad

Chops & Steaks

All steaks come with your choice of potato and sauce.

To ensure that your steak is prepared as you wish, the following is a guide to assist you while ordering.

Rare: Very red, cool center   |   Medium Rare: Red, warm center
Medium: Pink center   |   Medium Well: Slightly pink center
Well: Cooked through, no pink


All combos are served with choice of potato and sauce