Daytime Dishwashers

Bartolotta at Kohl's

Opportunity added 08/31/2017

The Bartolotta Restaurant Group operates new restaurant/cafeteria at the Kohl's Corporate Campus located in Menomonee Falls. We are currently looking for daytime Dishwashers to add to our existing staff in preparation for this expansion and growth. This position is a full-time, Monday - Friday, first shift position with no weekends and nights.

Position Objectives: 
Provide prompt, efficient and courteous service for all guests, while assisting other team members and management in the delivery of a positive dining experience and overall guest satisfaction.
Essential Job Functions:

•  Scrapes food & debris from plates and pre-rinses from the dirty dishes and places them in dishwashing machine.
•  Sorts, stacks and restocks service ware to the location from which they were used.
•  Washes pots, pans, and trays by hand and/or machine.
•  Removes trash and garbage from building to dumpster area.
•  Washes work area tables, walls, refrigerators, cooking equipment, and floors.
•  Cleans garbage cans and trash receptacles.
•  Assembles, maintains and breaks down dish machine.
•  Negotiates narrow crowded aisles with hot and cold pans and/or equipment.
•  Knowledgeable in areas of kitchen prep, maintenance, cleaning of office area and kitchen area and inventory.
•  Practices sanitary and safe food handling at all times.
•  Completes assigned daily and weekly cleaning projects.
•  Assist other team members and management as needed.

Interested applicants should apply directly to this job posting by submitting an online application or by sending an updated copy of your resume directly to Dustin Farberg, Human Resources Director to

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