The Rumpus Room boasts one of the biggest bourbon selections in the city, clocking in at more than 80 different kinds.

But the restaurant recently upped its bourbon game when it partnered with Angel's Envy to craft its own signature bourbon blend exclusive to The Rumpus Room. The blend combines three different Angel's Envy bourbons in a precise formula that was created during a three-hour tasting and mixing pow-wow with the good folks at Angel's Envy. According to Kyle Simpson, the manager at The Rumpus Room who played a key role in creating the blend, Rumpus Room's bourbon hits the nose with notes of pear, coffee and honey, and hits the palate with flavors of burnt sugars and caramel. It's easy to drink and approachable even for those who aren't huge bourbon drinkers. A good gateway bourbon, if you will.

The Rumpus Room has become a bourbon destination for many, and the way the restaurant is flying through the exclusive blend is a testament to that. Angel's Envy produced 120 bottles of it, and since mid-June, Rumpus has gone through nearly 40 bottles.

They're selling the bourbon in 1.25 ounce pours ($9), 2-ounce pours ($12), three-bourbon flights ($25, including Angel's Envy, Angel's Envy Rye and Rumpus Room blend) and full bottles ($50.)

If you want a try, better get into Rumpus Room before it's gone!