Do you remember your first experience at a Bartolotta Restaurant?
I moved to Milwaukee in December of 2005 and my first experience was at Bacchus. My client was looking to host an event to show gratitude and wanted it to be special.  The recently remodeled Board Room at Bacchus was the perfect fit. It was a wonderful space and the dinner was incredible. 

Do you have a favorite restaurant of ours? 
Harbor House far and away. I grew up in Florida and I love the seafood. I also love Bacchus. I know Executive Chef Nick Wirth and I believe he is one of the best chefs in Milwaukee. Mr. B’s Steakhouse is under a mile away from our house and we spend a lot of time there. I have to say that all three restaurants are tied for my favorite. 

Are there any servers/bartenders/managers that continue to make each experience special for you?
Robin Zavodny - a server at Mr. B’s. She is impeccable and I recommend all my clients and friends ask for Robin when they dine at Mr. B’s. She is kind, professional, courteous, and aware of the dining experience. Whether I am dining with my family or with business partners she is cognizant of each circumstance and is great at adjusting the level of service to fit my needs. 

What do you like most about the recent changes to the Bartolotta Rewards program?
The Rewards program is much easier to use now. I no longer have the burden of carrying around the paper Reward Certificates in order to redeem. 

Is there anything else that you would like to share about your experiences? 
Dining at one of the Bartolotta Restaurants is a must - especially if you want to impress an in-town or an out-of-town guest or client.