At The Bartolotta Restaurants, we take time to develop relationships with our vendors ensuring that we receive many exclusive products which can only be found at our restaurants!

Blog by Kelly Mallegni, Marketing Manager.

I was enjoying whiskey and bacon at The Rumpus Room a few weeks ago at an event aptly named “Bourbon and Bacon” when the bar manager started speaking about a special barrel of whiskey he had secured. He let me know that e Rumpus Room is the only bar in Milwaukee to carry it. I overheard another person at the event say to a friend, “How are they able to do that?” and I smiled to myself because I know that securing the best products no other Milwaukee-area restaurants have access to is something that happens quite often at The Bartolotta Restaurants. Our managers take time to develop relationships with the best vendors in the world and work to create menus that provide experiences featuring these products. From bourbon barrels at e Rumpus Room to the types of steaks we serve, there are many exclusive products that can only be found at our restaurants. Here are a few highlights: 

Choice Champagne 

We recently secured Krug Grand Cuvee at three of our restaurants including Harbor House and Bacchus. Katie Espinosa, the company’s head Sommelier, spent many years working with Krug Champagne to make this possible. Typically only poured by the glass in cities like New York and Los Angeles for $60 a glass, we are selling it for half price at $30 per glass so the Milwaukee area can experience this very rare item. Every bottle is blended uniquely each year for a distinct flavor profile including flavors of toast, so spices, and candied fruits, unlike any other on the market. Another cool feature is that each bottle has a unique ID number on the label. If you enter the number in into the Krug App, you’ll find information about the bottle like when it was corked and which grapes were used. 

Select Steaks 

At Bartolotta’s, we love our steak and we take steps to ensure we can nd the best possible meat for each of our restaurants. Recently, I toured Buckhead Beef® meat cutting facility in Illinois, where we purchase several of our cuts of steak and I learned the process of how a cow gets from the butcher to the plate. Thee facility is unique for many reasons but most importantly for its specialty in portion control cut steaks and one of the largest inventories of dry-aged USDA and Certified Angus Beef in the United States. The facility has ten stringent quality specifications to ensure the best product ends up in the hands of our chefs. Try some of these items at our steakhouse, Mr. B’s, or at our supper clubs Joey Gerard’s in Greendale and Mequon. 

Rarities at The Rumpus Room 

The Rumpus Room is becoming known for its focus on great events that bring in vendors to educate guests. It is these events as well as an audience that has expressed curiosity in procured products that led Bar Manager, Kyle Simpson, to source some highly exclusive products. Kyle says, “I have distilled beers from Europe that are not available anywhere else in Milwaukee. They are brewed beers that the distillers put into their still and distill down to a 40-45% alcohol which has the taste of the beer they use, but a much higher alcohol content. I also carry the High West 21-Year whiskey which is really hard to find anywhere since the distillery only made a couple thousand bottles. I made sure to carry a wide array of whiskeys from around the world to be able to put on to flights to let people try them. I also hold on to a fair amount of allocated items to break out in special occasions.” It is this type of careful curation that brings people coming back for more.