A group of over 50 guests gathered in the glass-enclosed conservatory at Bacchus in downtown Milwaukee on Wednesday, October 28th to feast on dishes inspired by fall. The food and wine were highlights of the evening but it was the chefs who were front-and-center for the first ever “Women of Bartolottas” event. Each chef chose a dish to prepare for the event and also spoke to guests about their inspiration, path to success, and obstacles of working in a male-dominated industry.

Jennifer Bartolotta, the wife of Joe Bartolotta, proprietor of the Bartolotta Restaurant Group was the host of the night. She opened the evening speaking about the gap between men and women in the workplace and emphasized the chefs at Bartolotta’s as an inspiration for equality. The four chefs included Erica Yoblin, Amber Dorszynski, Amanda Strandt, and Allie Howard as well as Certified Sommelier, Katie Espinosa. Each woman cited that while it was difficult to work in an industry heavily run by men, they were able to succeed with hard work and passion.

This unique event was a wonderful way to showcase menu items specific to the season and will likely be something that the restaurant group continues to do in the future!