Pastry Chef Allie Howard and the culinary team at Lake Park Bistro hosted their fourth annual Dessert Dinner this month and the meal was as much a feast for the eyes as it was for the mouth!

Guests were seated in the North Lake room and were treated to six courses - two savory courses and four desserts - with wine pairings.

Executive Chef Miles Borghgraef created the first two courses - a light and refresing scallop carpaccio and a pastry filled with suckling pig roasted with wild ramps and fiddlehead ferns. Then Chef Allie and her team got to work on preparing the rest of the courses and making each plate flawless. Guests were delighted as each course came out, the desserts bright, colorful and intricate - and delicious! Summer melons, edible flowers, olive oil cake and chocolate and vanilla cream were just some of the highlights of the dishes. When the fifth course - an espresso souffle - was pulled from the oven, the team worked swiftly to get the fluffy, warm desserts out to guests while they were still standing tall. Following the final course of a flourless chocolate cake and dark chocolate cream, Allie sent each table a plate of petit fours - just in case their sweet tooth hadn't been fully satiated. Though that's unlikely!

Allie, who studied at the French Pastry School in Chicago, looks forward to continuing this special dinner at Lake Park Bistro every spring. At just 24 years old, she has more than five years of experience under her belt and is currently the only Pastry Chef in the company.

She sat down recently with Kyle Cherek to talk about being a pastry chef - watch her interview here!