Autumn is upon us and the holidays are just around the corner and to get guests into the spirit, The Rumpus Room has concocted a few seasonal cocktails. Ellie, the talented bartender, walked me through the recipes of several cocktails for guests to make at home or to enjoy at The Rumpus’ Room lively bar. Each cocktail is a creation from one of the bartenders at The Rumpus Room and specifically made with fall and winter in mind.


Apples are the symbol of autumn and a main component of the “Local Apple Old Fashioned,” the first of four drinks that Ellie mixed. The recipe calls for Yahara Bay Apple Brandy, a local liquor from Madison which was blended with muddled oranges, maraschino cherries, chocolate bitters, simple syrup, and sweet soda. The drink starts with a strong, sweet flavor and a bitter taste on the back of the tongue, and ends with a strong burst of heat. The Apple Old Fashioned is a fun twist on an old classic, perfect for those crisp Wisconsin afternoons.


Up next was Ellie’s favorite and what she describes as “An Old Fashioned before Wisconsin took hold of it.” The “Rye Old Old” is a truly classic cocktail that would be best enjoyed by a fire after a long day in the winter snow. Rittenhouse Rye, a sharp Whiskey with a lot of heat, is mixed with rye syrup and rye bitters both made in-house. The result is a boozy beverage with a full-flavored and hearty finish.


Nothing says winter quite like a “Hot Toddy,” a drink served warm so you don’t have to wait for the alcohol to set in! The Rumpus Room version is ample, prepared with Wild Turkey Bourbon, Buckshot Bourbon with maple, and a honey liqueur. These three liquors are poured into a steeping hot glass of water and garnished with an orange decorated with cloves and a cinnamon stick. The final product is as gorgeous as the fall foliage.


The last cocktail on the menu was the “Indian Summer,” a beautiful drink with understated flavors. Made with Breaking and Entering Bourbon from California and a bit of walnut liqueur, the drink is mixed with lemon juice, simple syrup and topped with a bit of seltzer water. The finished product is served in a lowball glass with a cinnamon frosted rim.


These fall cocktails are a guaranteed way to get excited for the season. Guests can try their hand at mixing and muddling these drinks at home or stop in to The Rumpus Room where all of these drinks and more are on the menu.




Rye Old Old

2oz Rittenhouse Rye

.25oz Rye Syrup

4 dashes bitters


Indian Summer

1.5 oz Breaking & Entering Bourbon

.5 oz Napoleann Mandrin

.25 Walnut liqueur

.5 oz Lime Juice

.5 Simple sugar

Rocks Glass top with Seltzer


Bourbon Hot Toddy

2 oz Wild Turkey 101

1 oz Buckshot Maple

.25oz  Honey Liqueur

Build in a snifter and top with hot water and Garnish with clove studded Orange and a cinnamon stick


Local Apple

2oz Yahara Bay Apple Brandy

Muddled orange and Cherry

.5 oz Simple Syrup

4 dashes Angostura bitters

Top Off with Sprite