When did you start working at Bacchus?

I actually interviewed at Bacchus on my birthday, June 13 in 2014, and my rst day of training with my new family was June 18. I started as a back server and now, (General Manager, Bryant Mason likes to call me the Swiss army knife) I am a bartender and catering assistant.

What did you do before working here?

This year marks 20 years in the hospitality/food and beverage world, and I LOVE it! I have worked all over and in a ton of di erent concepts and atmospheres. Most recently Turner Hall Restaurant, which led me here. I also worked for Steny’s and a few places in small-town USA, which is where I come from. My rst restaurant job, Apple Holler, kick-started my love for restaurants.

What are some of the most popular dishes that your guests order at Bacchus?

Since Bacchus has an American contemporary menu and is not stuck to one type of food we get a wide array of dishes. Every year our chefs make a slow braised Berkshire pork bolognaise with an heirloom tomato cream sauce tossed with house-made tagliatelle pasta and garnished with a little parmesan cheese, which always runs out to quickly and that’s all we hear about from our guests until this time of year comes again. ere are the classic favorites of course; tuna tartare, veal ravioli, scallops, and let.

What do you like to do when not taking care of guests at Bacchus?

When I’m not with guests, I am with wine, either in our vast cellar or stocking our beautiful dining room wine wall. Wine has de nitely become a huge passion of mine, thanks to a couple people here at Bacchus. I love to extend my knowledge in any way I can, anywhere I can. If you see me here, you can be assured one of my many notebooks is probably not far from me. And when I’m not at work, you can be assured my dog, Fiona, is not far from me either.