June 27, 2016

Mary Noone, ThE Rumpus Room

noonan1.jpgWhen did you start working at the Rumpus Room?
I started in October of 2014 as a host, and am currently transitioning into bartending.

What did you do before working at Rumpus Room?
I started here after moving back from Seattle- I lived there for three years and worked at a dive bar as a server. I moved back to Milwaukee to spend time with my large family, I am the oldest of seven children.

What are some of the most popular dishes your guests order at Rumpus Room?
I recommends most of our snacks- particularly the charcuterie meats and cheeses as a way for people to dine together. Chef Koser recently put together a brand new charcuterie list worth trying!

What do you like to do when not taking care of guests at Rumpus Room? 
My outside-of-work hobbies include rock climbing at Turner Hall (I am also very excited for the new Adventure Rock on North Ave to open). I enjoy writing poetry and journaling and I'm excited to have some alone time since moving out of my parents into a new apartment downtown. I also work for the Art Museum most days in catering.

What is your favorite cocktail to make? 
A good Negroni is always a favorite of mine.  My favorite drink to make at Rumpus Room is our new summer cocktail, 'The Hawaiian Hemingway'.  It combines Plantation pineapple rum with Maraschino liqueur, lime, and grapefruit.  It's a perfect summer drink!

What is your favorite cocktail to drink?
Lately I'm really into sipping gins- something with great botanicals like St. George Botanivore- by itself or with a splash of Dolin French vermouth.