Jennifer Bartolotta, Director of Strategic Partnerships, The Bartolotta Restaurants

Jennifer Bartolotta


Originally from Chicago, Jennifer Bartolotta made Milwaukee her home in 2002 when she married restaurateur, Joe Bartolotta. Jennifer is the Director of Care-a-Lotta for The Bartolotta Restaurants, overseeing the Care-a-Lotta board and the company’s giving efforts. Jennifer is also President of Train-2-Gain, which helps employees develop professional socialization skills, giving them the confidence to become ambassadors for their employers. 

Jennifer believes strongly in strengthening ties to one’s community, and her involvement in Milwaukee is significant, with roles including Vice President of the Wisconsin Humane Society, Secretary for Schools that Can Milwaukee, Past-President of TEMPO Milwaukee, 2011 Honorary Co-Chair for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, and much more. She most recently acted as Director of Sales for Bartolotta’s, and before coming to Milwaukee spent 12 years in sales and sales management with Cintas, CTAS. She holds a degree in International Relations from Michigan State University, with minors in Latin American Studies and Spanish. 

Jennifer values family above all else and is incredibly close with her parents and three younger brothers. She’s the mother to four golden retrievers - Stella, Bubba, Sophie and Rufus. She’s traveled to 33 countries, is conversationally fluent in Spanish, and enjoys regular physical activity and cooking with family and friends.

Cindi McLeod, Business Development Manager, The Bartolotta Restaurants

Cindi McLeod

Hometown:  New Berlin, Wisconsin

When did you join The Bartolotta Restaurants?  June 2009

What to do you love most about your job?  I love working for a family-owned business that cares about customer service, community involvement and employee happiness. I love my job because it allows me to be involved with all of the venues that we own and operate. 

What do you hope to achieve by volunteering?  Being a member of the Care-a-lotta board will provide me a better understanding of how our nonprofit customers operate. It will also allow me the opportunity to have a voice regarding causes that I support.

What causes do you have an affinity for and why?  I support the Alzheimer’s Association.  My grandmother's diagnosis and battle with Alzheimer's deeply affected my family.  It is such a horrible disease to watch and experience.  I also love organizations that work with, and for people with special needs and disabilities.  My passion will always be with children, and organizations that educate and protect them.

What makes you cool?  Being happy is cool.

Amanda Murphy, Manager, Mr. B's Steakhouse

Amanda Murphy

Hometown:  Des Plaines, IL  

When did you join The Bartolotta Restaurants?  April 2008

What do you love most about your job?  One of the things I love most about my job is our fantastic staff. Since my earliest experiences with the Bartolotta group, I have felt welcomed and accepted. The people I work with are more than just colleagues; they are a cohesive family unit. I have also enjoyed being a part of the tremendous growth the company has achieved, and I feel proud that I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of it. In addition to the staff and watching the company grow, another reason I love this job is because of the unique opportunity it brings to be a part of our guests’ lives.

What do you hope to achieve by volunteering?  The Bartolotta group is such a community-driven company; I want to be an active part of this. I’m excited about this opportunity because it gives me the chance to do something I’m passionate about - becoming a bigger part of the community. Since I moved to Wisconsin, I’ve fallen in love with the state, its culture, and its people, and I want a more hands-on approach with the various community organizations that make Wisconsin such a great place to live.

What causes do you have an affinity for, and why?  Growing up, my family was very involved with organizations that provided food to the hungry. My mom and dad cared deeply for this cause and instilled in my brother and me that feeding the hungry was a difference you could make in people’s lives, regardless of how much time or money you had.

What makes you cool?  My friends would say that I am super easygoing and that I like to laugh, especially when it concerns myself. I am definitely not “textbook” cool… put on any '80s song and I miraculously seem to know the lyrics by heart. To make it worse, I will sing the lyrics out loud, deafening the innocent ears of anyone in reach. As my good friend Erin would say, “People who are tone deaf shouldn’t sing.”

Alyson Sandstrom, Sales Manager, The Bartolotta Restaurants

Alyson Sandstrom

Tricia Smith, Director of Catering, Bacchus

Tricia Smith