Board Members


Director of Care-a-lotta • The Bartolotta Restaurants

Jennifer Bartolotta has many titles including sales professional, public speaker, trained chef, executive, and mentor among others. Today she spends her time “spreading pixie dust” and working to make positive change happen both as the leader of Care-a-lotta and in her many other roles including work with Milwaukee Public Schools as one of the founders of their culinary program, Prostart. The ProStart program started at Milwaukee Public Schools in 2016 as a way to train students in the culinary arts. As a volunteer administrator for the program, she helped recruit other Chefs from around the city. Today, the program operates at four MPS schools. She is a fierce believer in the city of Milwaukee and wants to help the community in as many ways as she can.

In addition to her charitable efforts, she founded her own seminar business, Train-2-Gain, which coaches young professionals on business etiquette, social skills, building self-confidence and the importance of body language. Previously, employed by the Bartolotta Restaurants as Director of Sales, she was responsible for managing the Bartolotta sales team who actively promote and sell the “Bartolotta Experience” at their award-winning, fine dining restaurants, and managed properties.

Jennifer believes in strengthening ties to one’s community and to that end serves as:

         •  Director, Care-a-lotta, The Bartolotta Restaurants' Charitable Arm
         •  Loaned Exec – Milwaukee Public Schools, ProStart Pilot
         •  Secretary, Pabst Theater Foundation
         •  Member, Community Steering Council, Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center
         •  Past Board Chair, Wisconsin Humane Society
         •  Raving fan, St. Marcus School and Walnut Way


Director of Sales • The Bartolotta Restaurants

Being a member of the Care-a-lotta board provides me not only a better understanding of how our nonprofit customers operate but also gives me the opportunity to have a voice regarding causes that I support.

I support the Alzheimer’s Association. My grandmother's diagnosis and battle with Alzheimer's deeply affected my family. It is such a horrible disease to watch and experience. I also love organizations that work with, and for people with special needs and disabilities. My passion will always be with children, and organizations that educate and protect them.

Mary Bartolotta

Assistant Marketing Manager • The Bartolotta Restaurants

I was raised based on the notion that giving back to those in need is of the utmost importance, so joining the Care-a-lotta board was an easy decision. This opportunity has not only strengthened my appreciation for The Bartolotta Restaurants, it has also strengthened my ties to the community. It has been an eye-opening and inspiring experience to learn about the many Milwaukee organizations working hard to enact change. I am most passionate about groups aiding local youth and women.


Executive Assistant • The Bartolotta Restaurants

I am grateful and excited to be a part of Care-a-lotta board. It’s been truly amazing to see how one small, family-run company can make such a huge impact. I enjoy working with other Care-a-lotta board members to continue our conversation with our community and offer support and resources to our most vulnerable populations. 

I have an affinity for the de-stigmatization of mental illness and suicide prevention. I am also a huge animal lover and have spent time as a volunteer at the Wisconsin Humane Society.

Vince Halpin

General Manager • Mr. B's - A Bartolotta Steakhouse - Brookfield

Growing up in the small town of Prairie du Chien, I was raised with a great sense of community and always offering a helping hand.  When I moved to Milwaukee and started working for The Bartolotta Restaurant Group, I knew that being part of Care-a-lotta would allow me to continue giving back. 

Whether it was my mother was inviting people into our home for dinner, because she knew that they had nowhere else to go or the football team helping out people affected by the flooding of the Mississippi, I was always surrounded by people willing to help.  Since I have joined the Care-a-lotta board, I feel that same sense of community.


Executive Chef • The Rumpus Room - A Bartolotta Gastropub

I feel lucky to be a part of the Care-a-lotta board.  Since I joined the board, I have appreciated The Bartolotta Restaurant group even more.  I am blessed to be a part of this amazing family company that gives back our non-profit community immensely.

I feel that since I have been a part of Care-a-lotta, I have been able to be an advocate to the non-profit community and the more passionate I become. It’s a great feeling! I love helping children and youth organizations, as I feel that if we can make an impact on future generations, it’s through our youth.

Zoe Lord-Frame

General Manager • Mr. B's - A Bartolotta Steakhouse - Mequon

I wanted to join the Care-a-lotta board to help make a small impact within Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin.  There are so many empowering, dedicated, passionate and essential organizations within our community that consistently need awareness and volunteers.  We are able to shed a small amount of light on some of those organizations each year. 

The environment is extremely important for me, particularly because it tends to get overshadowed. Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center is a nonprofit organization that has been working on prioritizing the environment for over 35 years.  Mother Nature and this Earth are so vital to our well-being and our future.


Marketing Manager • The Bartolotta Restaurants

I grew up in Milwaukee and since moving back have been looking for organizations that are interested in helping our community. Milwaukee is an amazing city but we still have so much to do to in terms of bridging the gaps between the rich and the poor, highlighting our city on a national scale, among other things. Because I work for Bartolotta, Care-a-lotta was a no-brainer as I was exploring charitable organizations. 

I have an affinity for poverty alleviation, education, fair housing, non-violence, integration and community in our city. As someone who grew up in the city of Milwaukee (53208 zip code), I have seen a lot of these issues firsthand and I hope I can help even in my own small way.


Business Development Associate • The Bartolotta Restaurants

I am so grateful to be a part of the Care-a-lotta board.  I appreciate being a part of  The Bartolotta Restaurant group even more since I have joined. Since joining Care-a-lotta, I have been able to advocate for many local non-profit organizations and have become even more passionate about the city where I work and live. I specifically have an affinity for youth organizations, ultimately if we can nurture our youth, we are a stronger and more vibrant community.

Rachel Wiesner

General Manager • Downtown Kitchen

It was a very welcome surprise being elected to join the Care-a-lotta board in 2018. For years, I had been intrigued by the work that the board did and secretly always wanted to get involved! I love Milwaukee and all of its unique, dynamic and eclectic residents and neighborhoods.  I also believe the city is something that needs continuous attention and nurturing.  The Care-a-lotta board and its efforts help to uncover the organizations in our community that do this very work.  We spotlight these groups and support them in their endeavors to continue to make Milwaukee the best it can be

Charitable organizations that interest me specifically are the ones that center around individuals who can’t speak for themselves – animal advocacy and child wellness – along with athletic/educational efforts.


Catering Manager • Bartolotta's Lake Park Bistro

I was raised to always give back but have often fallen on the crutch of "I am too busy to participate." Being part of the Care-a-lotta board – no more excuses, I am at work, I have committed to this board, I get to be an integral part of the positive change we are affecting. 

I support causes dedicated to the welfare of children, education (and everyone’s access to it), and the rights and dignity of members of the LGBT community. We have a responsibility to help those with the least.